Bushwick’s Big Bash is This Friday: The Winter Solstice Party

It’s December 16, and supports not just the Bushwick Farmers Markets but EcoStation’s many programs. Be sure to RSVP!

If you’ve gotten your hands on our current issue, you probably want to a) hit the Bushwick Farmers’ Market’s Winter Solstice Feast and b) encourage the spread of hydroponic gardening by Bushwick master Lee Mandell, who runs Boswyck Farms in the nabe. We covered both in the winter edition.

As it happens, Mandell works with the farmers’ market founders, a group called EcoStation:NY, on one of his own projects. In addition to three Bushwick markets (one is continuing through the winter in the ground floor of The Loom on Flushing Avenue and Knickerbocker)  EcoStation:NY helped co-found Bushwick Campus Farm at the nearby Academy of Urban Planning high school. This past spring they started helping students install and maintain a hoop house, hydroponic garden wall and other urban growing goodness. The Winter Solstice Feast this year–it’s this Friday, December 16; RSVP today–will support all of the above.

If you can’t make the feast, consider a donation by December 30 to the Bushwick Campus Farm Kickstarter campaign, their hoop house could use your help!


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