On Black Friday, a Look Back at What the Church of Stop Shopping Has in the Fridge

Bill Talen (aka the Reverend Billy) and his wife Savitri D.

Considering that today is essentially national shopping day–hence a nice shot of the queue in front of Best Buy above the fold on the Times–we thought we’d point you to a blast from the past: Gabrielle Langholtz’s 2009 Brooklyn Fridge profile of Bill Talen, also known as “Reverend Billy,” who helms an anti-consumption congregation he calls the Church of Stop Shopping. The Windsor Terrace resident stages “retail interventions” in places like Walmart or the Times Square Disney shop with a full choir and in full character–meaning a preacher’s collar, tall hair and robes. He’s been jailed 50 times, has only one pan, rarely eats out and drinks kombucha (or vinegar) nearly every morning. You can read the complete story right here.

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