SloMoSF Comes to Brooklyn: For Three Nights Only, a Seven-Course Cali-Style Ramen Feast

Some of SloMoSF’s recent work.

If you’ve been reading Edible Brooklyn for the past few years then you know the name Kelly Geary is always associated with good food in every sense of the word.  She’s the incredible cook and caterer behind the farm-centric Sweet Deliverance–check out some sample menus right here for instantaneous hunger pains–and she’s also the author of our current favorite contemporary work on pickling and canning, the 2010 tome Tart and Sweet. Not to mention she supplied the recipe for Concord grape ice cream in the Edible Brooklyn cookbook.  Anyway, Kelly does all her cooking–did we mention she also sells her jams and preserves in places like Bedford Cheese Shop and Brooklyn Kitchen?–in a sunlight-filled, two-floor loft kitchen on Atlantic Avenue, where wide windows look out on the warehousey southern border of Bed-Stuy. In fact we actually captured the stellar scene in a television segment on her book we did for NY1 last year. So if when told us she was hosting a series of pop-up, multi-course suppers that can seat 35 people per floor starting this weekend, we were there already.

But wait, there’s more: A lot more. Kelly’s tapped some real ringers to help her cook. She’s asked two semi-famous supper club chefs —SloMoSF in San Francisco for a hand-made ramen dinners this Friday, Saturday and Monday, and Madison, Wisconsin’s Underground Food Collective for three nights in December–to lead the kitchen. This weekend’s is extra-special, as it marks SloMo’s first trip to cook in New York City. Edible San Francisco readers no doubt know chefs Ryoji Kajikawa (RocketfishBlowfishKen Ken Ramen) and James LaLonde (Pizzaria Delfina, Slow Club, MaverickSalt House) for their sold out Japan-meets-California style supper club in the neighborhood called Western Addition.

In Bed-Stuy, they’ll apply their approach to seven courses of what’s in season here and now, and what Kelly has told us about the menu is pretty mind-blowing. She’s making homemade Japanese pickles with kirby cukes, watermelon radishes, Asian turnips and her own King Trumpet mushrooms, plus persimmon/star anise/honey cinnamon syrup for the cocktails (whiskey, lemon soda, citrus bitters and a cognac float). The SloMo boys are doing stuff like housemade ramen noodles with short rib stock, sake steamed clams and smoked shishito peppers and Japanese fried chicken. It’s $90 for seven courses, and that includes beer and sake too. Our biggest worry is how many nights to go.


Dinner at 8pm, beer, sake and persimmon cocktails included, no dietary restrictions. Tickets, $90. 1287 Atlantic Avenue, #1. For questions email    For tickets go to:

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