Our Additions to The L Magazine’s List of 11 Buildings That Would Make Great Venues

The backyard of 69 West Street Warehouse in Greenpoint: Home to our next party?

It’s taken us a few days, but just in case you missed Lauren Beck’s great round-up of “11 Brooklyn Buildings That Would Make Great DIY Music Venues” for The L Magazine, we wanted to point your attention to it. It’s an ode to 11 beautiful buildings that, in our opinion, would be fantastic venues for any kind of party, not just a sweet underground show. We’re thinking bespoke cocktail parties, funky secret suppers or hippie potlucks… All of the above. We’ve always been fans of putting Brooklyn’s undersung buildings to better use (which is why we dig the winter flea in the Williamsburg Bank Building, despite the fact the food is hidden in the basement). One building we’d like to see added to L’s list is the warehouses at 69 West Street, a big old behemoth of place on the Greenpoint waterfront that’s only partly being used by a furniture store and a (fake?) cop car. It hosted the one night only art show Nuit Blanche in October, so maybe we’ll get our wish.

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