Slow U: Sustainable Seafood–A Celebration of Often Overlooked New England Fish

It’s a brave new world out there for fish eaters. By now we’ve all heard that Atlantic cod is on the decline and that we should lay off farmed fish. So what’s a fish-eating locavore to do?

On October 16, Slow Food NYC and Sea to Table will host an event at Haven’s Kitchen that celebrates the New England fishing community and brings awareness to how we can support these fisherman by eating sustainable species. The event will feature a tasting of three New England fish species that are plentiful yet often overlooked by diners–possibly pollock, mackerel, haddock, scallops, or oysters, depending on what the fishermen catch the day before. Chef Julia Sullivan of Haven’s Kitchen will serve the fish both raw and cooked, inspired by traditional New England recipes, while attendees enjoy local wine. Mackerel sashimi anyone? Click here for tickets and more details.

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