The Weekly Giveaway: Win This Sweet Bodum Press (and Scope the City’s Best Butcher Shops)

Last week we began first of our series of weekly reader contests: We asked you to tell us about your favorite butcher shop, choosing one winner (he’s announced below) from comments on both Edible and Edible to score one lovely little Fyrkat grill. This week’s contest winner will take home one of those pricey Bodum presses.

Here’s how to enter to win: Tell us about your favorite seafood shop in the comments below before midnight on Friday. Be sure to register with a real email address so we can contact you later if you win. We’ll pick a reader based on what we think is the best response. Extra points for those who lead us to best-ofs we haven’t already tracked down for our online listings.

Now back to last week’s contest winner: Your answers were amazing, calling out butcher shops and shopkeepers from both Brooklyn and Manhattan that both know their trade and choose their proteins wisely. (We encourage you to read about them both here and on Edible It was tough to pick a winner, but we chose Peter Durnin, a commenter on this site, because, well, he told us about a butcher shop that wasn’t even open yet. Impressive.

Durnin suggested Tiberio Custom Meats, a little shop currently run in the window of Sauce restaurant in Manhattan’s Lower East Side by former Dickson’s Farmstead Meats man Adam Tiberio.  (Dickson’s is in Chelsea Market, and it, along with the Meat Hook in Williamsburg and Staubitz in Cobble Hill, was a top choice among commenters.) Tiberio, who is hoping to open a USDA-inspected cut-and-wrap meat processing facility in New York City to serve not just us but restaurants, Greenmarket farmers, and other meat companies–even ran a workshop this year at New Amsterdam Market on meat cutting and getting more sustainably raised meats onto city plates.

Writes Durnin: “Tiberio Custom Meats. Adam Tiberio knows his trade. Has collaborated with Frank Prisinzano at Sauce Restaurant. Head butcher at Dickson’s Farmstand. Creator of the Tiberio Steak. And, from what I have read, is planning to open a storefront in Brooklyn. Would make sure to keep an eye out for more news of this venture.”

Thanks to you, Peter, we will be sure to!



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