When Alternate Side Parking Rules Can Tell You What’s for Dinner

Purim hamentaschen, mmm. Can’t wait!

Politics aside, we have to say we were pleased to stumble upon this free giveaway from New York State Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol on the counter at Whisk, the Williamsburg kitchenwares shop on Bedford Ave. in the 50th district. (Are you? Here’s a map, courtesy the Assemblyman.)

It’s a magnetized list of days when alternate-side parking is suspended in the city, including practically every single holiday celebrated in the city, which is a key list for folks who like to partake in food from every culture, and don’t want to miss out on the chance to eat Ramadan fast-breaking feasts or dumplings on the Lunar New Year or an Italian street fair dedicated to a Catholic Saint.

You can bet this also comes in handy for Lentol, since his local office is at the always busy corners of Lorimer and Skillman streets.

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