Craft Beer on My Mind

It’s 75 degrees out and I woke up thirsty today. When I heard it was also American Craft Beer Week, I decided it was basically my patriotic and editorial duty to crack open a beer. So as I sit here, sipping this Summer Weizen Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Company and feeling a heck of a lot better about this work day, I’ll tell you reasons why you, my fellow suds lovers, should be drinking beer soon, too.

First, Craft Beer Week is a time to celebrate the small and independent brewers who give beer its good name. So on your commute home today, pop in your corner bodega for a six pack or grab a seat at your neighborhood watering hole and enjoy a craft brew on tap. Whether it’s a citrusy, hoppy brew like Six Point’s Bengali Tiger or a light, refreshing Summer Ale from Blue Point Brewing Company, we won’t judge. Just get out there and support the men and women behind our nation’s growing craft beer scene. Click here for some official craft beer events taking place around the state.

From June 22nd to 29th celebrate Eat-Drink-Local Week with us by dining out, cooking in and enjoying local, seasonal ingredients like, you guessed it, local beer! Visit a neighborhood brewery, try your hand at homebrewing, or raise a glass of your favorite ale in honor of our local foodshed.

And last, but very far from least, join us at Good Beer, our beer and food pairing extravaganza, on July 31st. Last year the pairings ran the gamut from rich meat dishes like chicken gizzard and lamb bacon kebabs to seafood-spiked fare like mini Maine shrimp rolls and spicy avocado soup with pickled squid. And, obviously, there was whole lot of good beer.

There you have it: three reasons to drink beer from now til August. Cheers!

Michael Harlan Turkell

Michael Harlan Turkell is a former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn, who walked the borough in sights of cultural cuisine at its best. Now he travels the world doing the same, bringing these ideas and foods to light as a photographer.

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