10 Halloween Treat Picks from Mouth

apple pie chocolate - mouth sweeteeth
apple pie chocolate - mouth sweeteeth
Apple Pie Chocolate Bar by Sweeteeth / Credit: Mouth

You could easily offer the same ol’, same ol’ treats to this year’s trick-or-treaters. Or, if you’re like us, you could be looking to jazz up your offerings and hand out something slightly more interesting than the predictable Tootsie Roll (did you know the pseudo-chocolately treat is actually New York-born?).

To have some fun of our own, we chose 10 Halloween treats from our friends at Mouth, a Brooklyn-based online center for indie food products from near and far. You can peruse their shop for just about any occasion, but since the holiday is upon us, here are our Edible staff picks for Halloween:

Amy Zavatto: Nashville Chocolate  by Olive & Sinclair 
Because Olive & Sinclair totally rock the chocolate house.

Gabrielle Langholtz: Snack’r Candy Bar by Liddabit Sweets
Because the Liddabit girls bring the arugula movement to candy bars. It’s a BK-born artisan answer to Snickers!

Lauren Wilson: Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road
The standard Tootsie Roll’s more exciting and imaginative cousin.

Eileen Duffy: Watermelon Candies with Salt and Chilis by Papabubble
I pick the watermelon treats with salt and chilis because I love salt on melon and the chili to spice it up. I’ll be the only one on my block with them.

Michaela Johnson: Maple Bacon Lollipops by Roni-Sue Chocolates
I pick the maple bacon lollipops because the maple brings back many happy, Halloween memories spent trick-or-treating in Canada.

Marissa FinnJack O’ Lantern Pop by Nunu Chocolates
They’re the way cooler, vegan version of the chocolate lollipops I grew up making every Halloween!

Vicky Wasik: Milk Chocolate Covered Animal Crackers by Tumbador Chocolate
I’m going to go with the chocolate-covered animal crackers because animal crackers are my favorite snack of all time and I’ve yet to have them covered in chocolate!

Rebecca McAlpin: Chocolate Covered Cheerios by Jacques Torres
As a mom to two kids under four, we eat a lot of cheerios and I know these would go over very well with everybody at our house!

Brian Halweil: Apple Pie Chocolate Bar by Sweeteeth
I will go with the apple pie candy bar because I am more of a cookie/brownie person than a toffee/caramel person, and having “pie” as an ingredient in anything makes my mouth water.

Carrington Morris: PB&J Chocolate Eyeballs by Tumbador Chocolate
I’ll take the PB&J eyeball, thank you, for a sweetly twisted take on a childhood staple.

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