Our Fancy New iPad App Works (Finally!)

Several weeks ago we promised you all, dear readers, that you could read to our first-ever H20 issue on your iPad.  Wouldn’t that have been great?  Unfortunately, thanks to some sort of iTunes disappearing act, the app vanished the moment we told you about it.  But now it’s back!

Check it out here or in the App store. You’ll soak in stories about:

A Swimmy CSF –how a passionate husband-and-wife brought Brooklyn’s first Community-Supported Fishery to a pickup spot near you

Getting’ Figgy With It – How a little water and soil helped a family’s backyard business take root in Flatbush.

Tastemaker Melissa Clark –the New York Times beloved foodwriter is Brooklyn-born, -bred, and –based.

What flows beneath – Chef George Weld (of egg and Parish Hall) looks beneath a manhole and discovers the secret subterranean world of New York’s storied sewer system (and our effect on it).

“Keith and Amy are totally rad!” So says Marlow chef de cuisine of the brother-sister duo whose blossoming bivalve biz sells oysters as prized as pearls.

River Café Rising – Despite Superstorm Sandy’s devastation, the waterfront restaurant that put Brooklyn on the map is busy rebuilding.

Squid –it ain’t just for calamari. Long Island fishers land a staggering 6 million pounds a year, bound for paper plates and white tablecloths.

Thirsty for more? Download, then drink up. Cheers!

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