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Susannah Tisue has been throwing, glazing and firing porcelain for almost a decade. At SKT ceramics, she creates sturdy tableware with hand-drawn illustrations of wild animals that “add a little bit of narrative to your table.”

After years of sculpting by hand, Susannah now wants to spread her passion and put her mugs in the hands of more New Yorkers. In early October, she launched a kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $16,000 to purchase a RAM industrial pottery press.

We’re excited to see Susannah’s work featured at What’s Cooking on November 13. Below, check out our chat with Susannah about her background, her business, and her kickstarter campaign.

Edible Brooklyn: Where did your interest in pottery come from?
Susannah Tisue: I started out in art school at NYU, where I focused primarily on painting, sculpture, and printmaking. After undergrad, I got a residency at Greenwich House Pottery, a ceramics studio in the West Village. At that point, my illustration background merged with functional pottery making. My ceramics went from a side thing I was doing for fun to becoming my focus.

EB: How has SKT evolved over time?
ST: When I started at Brooklyn Flea in the holiday season of 2009, everything was white and hand-painted. In 2011, I switched over to screen-printing, which has allowed me to get the work out on a larger scale. My ceramics are also now available in different colors.

EB: How will The RAM help SKT evolve further?
ST: From start to finish, we can currently produce 30 pieces in a day. With the RAM press, we’ll be able to do over 100. We’ll better meet demand with more forms and more illustrations at a slightly lower price point. My glazing process is what really sets SKT apart, and this will stay exactly the same.

EB: Which products will you feature at What’s Cooking?
ST: We’re excited to feature our most popular items- tumblers, mugs, utensil containers, and bowls.

SKT has almost reached their goal! Click here to help fund their kickstarter campaign. To purchase tickets to What’s Cooking, click here.


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