5 Sustainably Sourced Fish You Should Be Eating This Spring

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Editor’s note: Good Eggs no longer operates in New York City.

Asparagus, Japanese knotweed and — God bless ’em — ramps aren’t the only ingredients we’re looking forward to this spring. The change in season should also be visible at your fishmonger, where (if they’re sourcing responsibly) you should be able to find fillets and shells that usually peak about this time of year.

If you live in Brooklyn, then Mermaid’s Garden is a source that you can trust. They started as the borough’s first CSF before opening New York’s first fully sustainable retail fish market last year in Prospect Heights. They’ve since extended their Brooklyn reach with Good Eggs, which means that you can place an order for home delivery for no extra cost.

Voilà our picks from what’s in stock:

Our sister pub Edible East End also agrees that hake is a good choice for this time of year:

good eggs

You can catch a swordfish with longline (like the one below), or you can also harpoon it:

good eggs

This yellowfin tuna could make some killer tuna confit from Lot 2:

good eggs

Cape Cod dayboat scallops:

good eggs

Use these Carolina white shrimp to make Pok Pok NY’s Thai shrimp noodles:

good eggs

This post is the most recent in a collaboration with Good Eggs. You can read more about Mermaid’s Garden on their website. Looking for more seasonal stories? Check out the “What’s in Season?” section of our sidebar (to the right) for some of the best of our timely content.

Photo credit: Ren Yagolnitzer

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