PHOTOS: Finger on the Pulse Hosts a BBQ Blowout

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Last Tuesday the weather gods conspired in favor of Greg and Devin Bresnitz, the twin team responsible for the wildly popular summer cookout series BBQ Blowout. The temperature hovered in the low 60s as the last of the leaves clung to the trees on the patio of Good Co. and everyone in attendance seemed to appreciate that the night was among the last of its kind this season. A laid back crowd sipped cocktails from Caleb’s Kola (bourbon, bitters, Kola) and I didn’t overhear a single person whine about the length of the food line. Even if the weather hadn’t cooperated, the event would have satisfied its guests; chef Sam Mason served up dishes ranging from comforting fall classics like chicken pot pie to trendier more adventuresome bites like miso pork belly.

The brothers Bresnitz started the BBQ Blowouts several years ago with the aims of making great food accessible to the common (wo)man and bringing together interesting chefs and talented deejays. They host monthly events every summer and charge a modest $10 in advance for a plate of high quality food and a drink. The 11/11 party happened after the end of their normal season, but they couldn’t resist bringing everyone together for one last shindig. “This one is all about friends and family,” Greg told me, grinning.

You may know of Sam Mason from his dairy-centric creations Empire Mayonnaise and OddFellows Ice Cream Co. His collaboration with the Bresnitz twins didn’t begin this week — legend has it the brothers cold-called him to ask him to host their show Dinner with the Band after Googling “tattooed hipster chef.” I tried it — Sam Mason is the first hit. The show, which aired for one season on IFC, brings indie bands to Mason’s Brooklyn loft. The chef cooks punny dishes for the musicians and the band plays a few songs. Past guests have included Rufus Wainwright, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, and The Mountain Goats.

All of the Bresnitz brothers’ projects combine food and music in surprising ways. The Blowouts feature innovative deejays (Turing Machine played a set on Tuesday) and Dinner with the Band brings together articulate people from both disciplines. The twins also comprise Finger On The Pulse, a culinary media and events team that hosts the show Snacky Tunes on Heritage Radio Network. Airing every Sunday, the show invites artists into the studio to play music and talk about sustainability.

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