BKLYN Larder Debuts Cheese Club

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After several years of working on farms and in markets and generally paying attention, I finally feel like I have a reasonably strong grasp on seasonality. I can walk through a market and figure out the date within a month or so. I’m even getting a very basic sense of seasonality in beer, and a friend who works at Stumptown has tried desperately to get me to grasp the concept of seasonal coffee (still clueless on that front… isn’t it always summer near the equator?)

But when it comes to seasonality in cheese, I’m basically at a loss. I know many dairies freeze milk in the summer and mix it with winter milk to create a consistent product and I can intuit that fresh cheese makes the most sense in warm weather, but I could never set my calendar by looking at a cheese selection. Luckily, BKLYN Larder  the provisions shop from the folks that brought you franny’s and Marco’s can help.

They’ve started a cheese of the month club that’s based on seasonality and curated by managing partner Sergio Hernandez and cheese buyers Nora Granger and Gizella Otterson. Hernandez says, “we started the monthly cheese club as an opportunity for someone to give cheese as a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ or for the cheese enthusiast to treat themselves.” The cheese, which ships nationwide, contains three half-pound selections per month and ships nationwide.

Not that the holiday season is upon us or anything, but sounds like an ideal gift…

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