How to Make a Brooklyn-Style Hot Dog


For a hotdog, you don’t need a fork, or even a plate. You hardly even need a side dish, though a handful of chips and a pickle are almost always welcome.

As our sister publication Edible Manhattan wrote, hot dogs have a long history in New York, which actually began at Coney Island in 1867. Today, the longtime Gotham culinary icon inspires “chastened Wall Streeters queue at Sabrett carts, hipsters skulk into Crif Dogs for an après-show snack, Yankees and Mets fans share a rare point of agreement, sunseekers make pilgrimages to the original Nathan’s at Coney Island and celebrity chefs cite them as a tubular muse.”

Its simplicity makes a hot dog a great opportunity for experimentation, as those familiar with the Chicago-style (gasp, we had to mention it) hot dog definitely know. In our neck of the woods, Sweets & Bitters recently took a stab at what we’d like to crown a veritable “Brooklyn Dog” at a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park. They brought lemonade and hot dogs and invited guests — in our borough’s DIY style — to bring their favorite condiments. Along some expected toppings, there were jars of hot pink homemade sauerkrautsoy sauce pickled jalapeños and more.


With such a storied local history, a true Brooklyn Dog is really what you make of it. Leave it up to Sweets & Bitters though, and you’re likely to see some of our favorite nearby ingredients including wieners by Brooklyn Hot Dog Company. They’re also fans of brioche buns from Tomcat Bakery (thank you, Long Island City!) that can stand alone (they suggest turning the leftovers into French toast the next day).

For Hannah Kirshner, the main lady behind Sweets & Bitters, “[a] dog has got to be grilled over charcoal until it pops, and nestled into a warm bun.” We’ll leave you to decide your preferred preparation, but strongly suggest the following ingredients for a truly local dog that’s guaranteed to satisfy your summer grilling cravings.

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Sweets & Bitters’ Brooklyn Dog

The essentials:
1 pack of Brooklyn Hot Dog Company’s classic beef dogs
6 brioche hot dog buns from Tomcat Bakery

To garnish:
Homemade hot pink sauerkraut
Homemade soy sauce pickled jalapeños
Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup
Your preferred Rick’s Picks pickles

Serve with:
North Fork Potato Chips

Photo credit: Megan Swann

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