With Skillshare’s Culinary Track, Take a Brewing Class With Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver


An Online Skillshare Class by Garrett Oliver


The last several years have seen an explosion of online educational platforms aimed at providing free or affordable access for everyone. I’m as guilty as anyone of overzealous Coursera registration — I actually completed “The New Nordic Diet,” but I shopped through “Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas” for my favorite pieces and I don’t think I made it to the first day of “Social Network Analysis.” But Skillshare, a similarly structured online classroom, is devoted to creators and makers and offers instruction with practical applications. Past classes have included “How to Live Rent-Free in New York City” and “Drawing Daily Monsters: Finding Inspiration With a Drop of Ink.”

And now they’ve announced a new culinary track with intriguing class titles like “Recreating Regional Cuisine” and “Creating Dishes from Art.” Instructors include Brooklyn’s own Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery, and Corton’s Paul Liebrandt. They also offer courses at the intersection of food and media, like “Styling Food for Instagram” and “Capturing a Morning Worth Eating.” I’m a little unclear as to how I’ll master regional cuisine in 43 minutes, but I’m interested to see if the classes depart from something I could find on YouTube in anything other than name recognition.

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