VIDEO: How to Pair Beer and Seafood

White wine and seafood have become as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly or oreos and milk; it’s the default option that is often assumed to be best practice. But at Williamsburg’s Extra Fancy, they are breaking the norm and making the case for beer with your favorite fish and crustaceans.

Fried seafood and clam bakes are already sometimes associated with lighter beers like pilsners, but Rob Krueger argues that more complex beers can also pair well with spicy or heavier offerings. “In general,” he says, “you’re going to think about either harmonizing with food or something that will cleanse the palate”.

His suggestions include a crisp lager for a raw bar, a light pale ale for a lobster bisque, a saison-style Belgian beer for clams with chorizo (or other spicy dishes) and an American style brown ale for fish paired with a caramelized onion sauce.

To get all of his tips and his particular beer choices, watch the video above.

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