Our Internet Picks: July 20, 2015

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A glass of bubbly Basque cider at Txikito in Chelsea. Photo credit: Facebook/Txikito

This week, we’re changing up our regular editorial roundup to highlight one of our individual team member’s internet picks. We’re fortunate to have Julia Child fellow and NYU Food Studies masters student Yvette Cabrera working with us this summer. She’s a taco aficionado who’s currently researching a piece on Dead Horse Bay for one of our upcoming print issues.

Here are her picks for what to watch, drink, eat and more right now:


This Thursday, June 23, Wassail is throwing a launch party for the brand new, 100 percent New York state apple brandy from Neversink. Try some of the latest local liquor for yourself.


I really wish I could have taken Edible Education 101 at my alma mater. I’ve been steadily making my way through these videos, and am so far taken with the “Agriculture and Climate Change” lecture.


I go to Txikito for a glass of effervescent txakolina wine: a white, dry and bubbly Basque wine that’s super refreshing in this weather. It’s usually hard to find, but Txikito has a great selection.


I use Clean Plates when I need to make a quick decision about where I can get healthy food around the city. Living on a graduate student’s budget ain’t easy and this app allows me to sort by price, too.


Tune in to “How Great Cities are Fed” on Heritage Radio Network to trace the history of urban food systems around the world.


Last week, Marion Nestle poked fun at big food industry on her blog.

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