This Weekend, A Breukelen-Style Country Fair

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Formally known as the Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House, the farmhouse was built when Dutch and German tenant farmers were establishing the town of Nieuw Amersfoort, later known as the Flatlands section of Brooklyn.


Though summer has persisted with a vengeance ever since I ditched my A/C in early September, it’s still county fair season and apparently “general lack of autumn crispness” is not a good enough reason to reschedule. You can still put on your Blundstones and your flannels for an upstate jaunt — the MetroNorth train temperatures reward those who bundle up — or you can press cider and ride ponies right here in Brooklyn (ahem, Breukelen).

The Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum in East Flatbush is hosting a Breukelen Country Fair this Saturday complete with a pop-up farmers market, Afro-Caribbean dancing and spinning demonstrations. Tickets, available here, are free and can be reserved in advance.

The Wyckoff Museum, a farmhouse built in 1652, is one of the last remaining snapshots of life in Brooklyn back when growing vegetables at home was a given. Check out our profile of the space and its head gardener to learn more about their weed and dye gardens.

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