What to Make with Brussels Sprouts

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flickr brussels sprouts
These wee brassicas have just returned to the market. Photo credit: Flickr/Chiot’s Run

Brussels sprouts, cold weather stalwart crop, have recently returned to the market. These little brassicas keep green on our plates as the seasons change, and we think it’s high time that they take the main stage on our dinner plates.

There are the reliable techniques of simply seasoning Brussels sprouts before sautéing or roasting them, but seeing as we’ve got a few more months with them, why not try something new?

Here are 10 fresh recipe ideas from some of the best sources around the web:

  • Cold sesame-avocado soba noodle salad — Natural Gourmet Institute
    We shared this recipe last week when we covered Natural Gourmet Institute’s new and free $5 Dinners downloadable cookbook. As the weather cools, you might consider preparing a warm version of this dish.
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic — NYT Cooking
    Here’s a classic. The cast iron provides even heat, so no need to worry about charring the heck out of the sprouts (unless that’s your thing).
  • Brussels sprouts with shallots and salt pork — Bon Appétit
    Salt pork makes everything taste better. This recipe is perfect for the hesitant Brussels sprouts consumer, and the mild sweetness of the shallot doesn’t overwhelm the ingredients like an onion would.
  • Sprout kraut — Saveur
    Say that 10 times fast…. When shredded, sprouts can resemble cabbage and are a great substitution in sauerkraut. This won’t keep very long, however. Sprouts aren’t as hearty as cabbage and will get soggy after a day or so.
  • Cast iron Brussels sprouts pizza — How Sweet Eats
    Ah, the old, reliable cast iron again. This dish is brilliant for two reasons: it is pizza, and there is bacon on it. For vegetarians, remove the bacon and add strips of peppers and a little smoked salt; it will mimic the taste of grilled meats.
  • Brussels sprouts with horseradish and pomegranate seeds — Saveur
    The slight sweetness of the pomegranate seeds in this recipe balances the bitterness that sprouts can sometimes have.
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts — America’s Test Kitchen
    The bare bones of Brussels sprouts but with super helpful tips and tricks that even the most experienced cook could find useful.
  • Brussels sprouts crostini — How Sweet Eats
    The party appetizer favorite strikes again! The longer the sprouts cook, the softer they become. Keep that in mind if you’re looking for a texture similar to sautéed onions, or if you want the crunch to rival the toasted baguette.
  • Creamed Brussels sprouts — Saveur
    Move over spinach, there’s a new sheriff in town.
  • Brussels sprouts hash and eggs — Food52
    Easily the most inventive recipe on this list, and really great for anyone watching their starch intake. If this seems too daunting, try doing a 50/50 mix of shredded potato and sprouts. OK, 75/25. We won’t tell.
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