Our Favorite Places to Watch the Game

roebling sporting club


It’s true, even Brooklynites like football. So much that the borough is littered with flannel-friendly bars boasting the best craft beer and the sultry glow of football on the big screen. We’ve put together a list of our favorite spots to post up on game day, a pint of Other Half beer in one hand and an antibiotic-free wing in the other.

Roebling Sporting Club


225 N. 8th St.
This low-maintenance bar still has its original tin-tiled ceiling, but the menu is anything but antiquated. The owners brought skills learned at Morimoto and Alta to this corner of Williamsburg, creating a menu of “bar tapas” like mole wings for that perfect high brow–low brow Sunday of day drinking. Edible contributor Hadley Malcolm says this is the place if you need a little ambience with your touchdowns.

Brooklyn Tap House


590 Myrtle Ave.
The great thing about football season is that for the first half of it, we can still take advantage of outdoor seating while watching the game. That’s why Brooklyn Tap House, with its 15 TVs and outdoor picnic tables, are the fall favorite for afternoon games. It’s consistently packed on game day, but the fresh air from the patio and their empanadas dull the pain of crowds perfectly.

The Big Whiskey


524 Grand St.
From the brothers George Ruotolo, Justin Ruotolo and Rob Magill who love whiskey enough to name their five bars and one bottle shop after the spirit, we’re given the Big Whiskey. The former home of the Grand National, which closed possibly due to the lack of Whiskey in the name, has a food menu that’ll bring out your inner child (there’s a combo plate of chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, ribs and fried pickles available) and an unbiased array of football games. Check their
Instagram for game day specials.

Angry Wade’s


224 Smith St.
Former Edible photo editor Michael Harlan Turkell doesn’t know what he’d do without this bar, claiming he splits his time between his apartment and a stool at Angry Wade’s during football season. They’re a Green Bay Packers bar but also have the college game day packages. The bar, which feared closure after a rent hike earlier this year, keeps football fans happy by grilling beer bratwursts and more outside and keeping a steady supply of free popcorn on hand.

Greenwood Park


555 7th Ave.
Down in South Slope sits Greenwood Park, named after the famed cemetery mere steps away. It’s an auto-body shop turned indoor-outdoor beer garden with an NFL Sunday Ticket, 60 tap lines, 3 bocce courts and honey-sriracha coated wings. Sure, it may be a little spooky to watch your Sunday games next to the resting place of Leonard Bernstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but it’s also a pretty Brooklyn way of doing it.

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