3 New Food Kickstarters Worth Backing

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One startup is harvesting, brewing and bottling a tea from this mushroom that grows on birch trees. Photo credit: Facebook/ChugaChaga

There’s a lot to love on Kickstarter this month. In New York alone, a billion dollar Trump burger (beer-battered onion rings, mac ‘n cheese, a fried egg) is hoping for a little boost, while a Tokyo-based ramen restaurant wants to bring weed and hemp ramen to Chelsea. They’ll start with hemp, and once marijuana is legalized, “our weed ramen takes you to the heavens!”

In the spirit of our upcoming Food Loves Tech event, we’ve rounded up our favorite and like-minded Kickstarter projects from around the world. Help start a hop farm in Maine, support the inventor of the Jelly Belly, fund a medicinal mushroom tea and join us in June.

Raw & Wild TV

This short-form show based in the Southwestern United States seeks out “indigenous foods” and focuses on raw, healthy food sourced locally. Funders will help get the first season up and running, and a $13 donation is rewarded with three jars of hot sauce.

Deep Dirt Farm Institute

The Deep Dirt Farm Institute, located in Patagonia, Arizona, is a permaculture-focused farming initiative. They’re raising money to expand their reach and enhance their on-site education programs. The current campaign will pay for a roof structure for underground seed storage.

Chaga Tea, the Next Superfood?

This college student-driven project has recently grown legs with its acceptance into New York-based accelerator program Food-X.  They harvest a mushroom that grows on birch trees, brew it for three hours, and bottle it, claiming one gram of the stuff is equal to three pounds of blueberries in antioxidants.

And as always, there are tons of deserving farm initiatives out there. Some of our favorites include Maine’s Wicked Hops and this Canadian cricket farm.

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