Airbnb Now Offers Food Tours Throughout the City

Discover your new favorite brewery with Airbnb. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

No longer is Airbnb the service you use only when you want to get of the city. The company now wants to introduce you to food and drink experiences throughout the five boroughs.

Learn about the immigrant history of Bushwick while sipping sudsy samples of locally brewed beer on Boozin’in Brooklyn: a history and beer tour. Or join actor and food blogger, Brian Hoffman from on a feast of the Lower East Side where you’ll visit 100-year-old bakeries, churches and markets while eating knishes, dumplings and more or finally discover the best food trucks and carts to eat from in Midtown.

Airbnb wants to introduce you to food and drink experiences throughout the five boroughs.. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Those are simply a few of the more than 150 tours, created and led by locals, that Airbnb is now offering in New York City. Called “Experiences,” the activities are part of the company’s expansion to move beyond homes and become an app that consumers use regularly. Much like you would book a stay you can go to AirBnb Experiences and see what tours and classes are been offered at any given time.

All Experiences are created by locals who submit their idea to Airbnb where it’s either approved or disapproved depending on a host of factors that include commitment to reservations, credibility and more.

Much like you would find a place to stay you can now find a food and drink experience on Airbnb. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

“It’s the perfect marriage! As an owner operator of a small walking food tour company I think that Airbnb travelers are right up my alley,” said Dante Mercadant of Midtown’s Mobile Food Scene.

Mercadant who left his desk job to desk job to pursue his passion for food and other activity guides are called hosts and have control how they price the experience they are offering. And much like when you stay at an Airbnb home you can review them.

“One of the best is meeting people from all over the world! I find it fascinating to teach them about our culture and learn about theirs—stark differences and similarities,” Mercadant said.



Bridget Shirvell

Bridget is the digital strategy editor for Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Edible Long Island and Edible East End.