Brooklyn Soda Works Is Aiming to Open a Bar

brooklyn soda works
brooklyn soda works
You won’t find Brooklyn Soda Works at the High Line or Smorgasburg this year. Photo: Ben Jay

Brace yourself. There’s bittersweet news headed your way. After six years, Brooklyn Soda Works owners Caroline Mak and Tony Ramos are in the process of moving out of their production space at the former Pfizer building. This means you won’t be able to find their sodas for the near future, but it will hopefully only be a brief hiatus.

The duo is planning to open a cocktail bar, which is fitting when you consider cocktails are part of the reason Brooklyn Soda Works came about.

brooklyn soda works, the bends nyc, caroline mak, tony ramos
Brooklyn Soda Works has closed its production facility and owners, Tony Ramos and Caroline Mak are working towards opening a bar. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Soda Works.

“We always wanted to open a bar, we were trying to make the best mixers possible for rum and that lead to Brooklyn Soda Works,” Mak said.

While they are in the early stages of opening the bar—raising funds and searching for a Brooklyn space—they do have a vision for the new place and a working title: The Bends.



The bar will combine their love of fun, boozy carbonated cocktails (made with their popular sodas) and Ramo’s DJ background. Think casual, yet cozy. The kind of place you can stop at by yourself after work on a Wednesday but also chill with your friends during the weekend, listening to music.

“I’m at the age where I don’t want to yell over a sound system,” Make said. “We think there’s a need for a bar where you can sit down and relax, listen to good music that complements the the drinks.”

Still, decision to close Brooklyn Soda Works wasn’t easy with their lease up and the pressures of operating a production facility the two knew they were going to have to make some changes no matter what.

While we anxiously await news of this bar we already wish was open Mak and Ramos are making recipe videos so we can all try to make our own sodas and bubbly cocktails at home. Check out the carbonated negroni one below and follow them on YouTube for more.

Ben Jay

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