Explore the Future of Food With the Author of Food Design

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If you’ve been seeking a food-focused book that’s going to take you way beyond the plate, here’s one you can can get excited about: Food Design: Exploring the Future of Food by Katja Gruijters. She teaches product design at ArtEZ in Arnhem, Netherlands, where she focuses on long-term trends in food and sustainability. Her work has even been exhibited before at the Museum of Art and Design. The book, likewise, explores every facet of food—from production to distribution to enjoyment to digestion.

Next week she’ll be in Brooklyn for two events surrounding the book, which came out on December 20 of last year. The first event, which will take place at Genspace on Tuesday, February 28, will see Gruijters deconstructing “the myths surrounding food health and sustainability.” She’ll also be lecturing at an event put on jointly between The Pratt Institute and the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator. There, she’ll discuss “the idea of obesity across industries, looking at how we as consumers have become ‘overweight’ from the over-consumption of fashion, food and information.” At this event, “Welcome Chrysanthemum Tea” will be served, along with chocolate lace tiles made by Gruijters herself, and there will also be an intriguing “leather tasting.”

Both events look to be as surprising and wide-reaching as the book itself.