Watch Greenpoint’s Le Fond Make Nutella Pain Perdu and More

le fond

On Norman Avenue in Greenpoint is a cozy, unfussy French bistro. It’s the type of place you want to sit and stay a while, savoring the modern French dishes the kitchen lead by chef Jake Eberle. Filmmaker Will McCord recently got a glimpse into the kitchen creating these two beautiful videos of Eberle cooking inspiring me to learn about the unlikely culinary partnership behind Le Fond.

Edible Brooklyn: Your business partner,  Stasha Prenkiewicz, is in her 70s and has background in Polish cuisine, how did you end up working together?
Jake Eberle: I had been searching Williamsburg for a restaurant space for well over a year and was struggling to find something that fit my budget. I decided to go back to work and rethink my approach, and was looking for jobs on Craigslist when I saw Stasha’s ad for “a chef to lead the relaunch” of her restaurant. Interestingly, she offered the potential for equity to the right candidate. I went to the interview armed with my business plan and she believed in my vision.

EB: What are some of things you’ve learned from her?
JE: The tortellini filling recipe in the video.

She’s incredibly resourceful and never lets anything go to waste. It’s been a great partnership. I am lucky to have found someone with decades of business experience, a strong work ethic and great connections in the neighborhood.

EB: What are some of things you think she’s learned from you?
JE: Stasha’s restaurant that Le Fond replaced was a fast food concept. She’s learned a lot about how to run a full service restaurant.