My New York Food: Matthew Rhys


Grand Central Oyster Bar

Never has the word “grand” been more accurately used than in Grand Central Station. The very ceiling in the main concourse renders first-time visitors starstruck as they gaze skyward at the constellation. I was one such traveler when I discovered the Grand Central Oyster Bar. One of my great delights is to find a place that bestrides a modern and a bygone age, especially if it’s a place of grandeur. The bar, with its sweeping tile vaults … doesn’t disappoint.

Old movies flooded my mind as I faced a career server that you could only hope to see IN a movie. In my mind, the entire experience was as quintessentially New York as one could wish.

The older I get, the saltier my craving, and the Oyster Bar never fails. Washed down with an aggressively cold lager, there is no better stolen lunch. It never fails to remind me that I can only be in one city on earth.

And I thank my stars.

—Matthew Rhys

Photo Illustration by Sera Lione