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Summer is a time for leaving the oven off and heading outdoors to dine. Next time your picnic calls for a crusty loaf of bread or a crumbly scone, check out our guide for links to dozens of bakeries around town.

THE EDIBLE GUIDE: Chocolateries

Got a craving for chocolate? In our guide you’ll find links to over a dozen chocolateries to find the handmade, artisanal, free trade, 60% cacao, bacon-filled, sea salt-dusted bars you’ve been jonesing for.

THE EDIBLE GUIDE: Culinary Education

There’s no time like the present to buff up on your culinary competence. Whether it’s a class on knife skills or a guided Riesling tasting you crave, check out our Edible Guide for links to more than a dozen culinary education centers where you can sign up today.