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U.K. Dispatch–In This Beer Loving Town, Brooklyn Can Hold its Own

LONDON–For years we’d thought of this city’s lovely old-fashioned taverns and tap rooms as the holy grail of good beer, thanks to the Campaign for Real Ale launched back in 1971, when most of us Brooklynites were still guzzling Bud in squat pop-top cans. Things looked to be headed in the same direction in the U.K. until the real ale movement, now called CAMRA, was founded by four drinkers concerned about the homogenization of both the beers they were drinking and the pubs where they were being served.

Worth a Trip to the Northside: The Brooklyn Box Set

Last spring when we were doing research for our profile of Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewery, we spoke to the obvious folks: Other respected craft brewers, bar owners, beverage writers and experts in the beverage. But unlike most brewer write-ups, this particular piece required a call to the editors at Oxford University Press, that ultra-prestigious publishing house that puts out every-thing-you-wanted-to-know tomes on food and drink.