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Sweet Strawberry Granola Goodness=Last Minute Valentine’s Gift, or Tomorrow’s Breakfast

We’ve been geeking out on Spatzi’s Granola for a few weeks now, and not just because they Put a Bird On It! (Thanks, Portlandia.) The stuff is hand-made in Brooklyn from organic oats and other seeds and nuts and fruits, and comes in brown paper sacks at shops like Depanneur at the corner of Wythe Avenue and N. Third in Williamsburg. If you’re still scoping out a Valentine’s day gift we’d be plenty pleased with a bag of the Eat Your Heart Out Blend above ($8.25), whose sweet strawberry scent drew us from across the room. (For more anatomical heart gifts made in the borough, by the way, there’s also SugarBuilt Cookies’ V-Day line.)

Vintage Brassieres, Anatomical Hearts and Other Cool Cookies for Valentine’s

Even if you don’t think The Anatomical Heart is the coolest cookie name ever–it makes us think of this excellent Edgar Allen Poe story–you have to be impressed with the intricacy of Amelia Coulter’s icing art. We like her cookies so much we made the ones she does of Brooklyn ironwork our Winter 2009 cover–when we wrote about SugarBuilt, her cookie company, for the first time. These Valentine’s-inspired versions are bizcochito flavored–anise, orange and cinnamon–and are topped with vanilla icing and individually wrapped with ribbon.